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Lifetime Zenith Kayak Review

I recently bought my first kayak. Normally before shelling out my hard earned cash, I do copious amounts of research, but the one model that caught my eye had no real reviews, and I’ve only been able to find it for sale at one store. My ultimate goal was to get something affordable that would allow me to test the waters as it were. I hadn’t been on the water since I was a kid using my grandparent’s row boat. After spending a few days researching, I decided to just head down to the store and see the kayaks in person. I settled on the Lifetime Zenith. It hit the affordable mark, being $180, and had all the features I could think I would want when floating around on a lake or river. It has a covered storage area in the back, a large cockpit with feet rests and an adjustable seat back. The only thing really missing was a cup holder, but I can add that later.

Since purchasing a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten out on the water at least once a week and I’ve had a blast every time. The boat tracks well, and does what it’s supposed to do. It’s stable with wakes, and has even handled a few light rapids well, though I wouldn’t recommend taking it out in anything remotely extreme.

Paired up with a kayak specific life vest, a paddle, and an assortment of dry bags, I’ve already gotten my moneys worth. It’s perfect for a casual weekday float, or 7 mile trip down a fairly busy river.

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